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Monday, 5 November 2012

Venetian Vacation


My family have been way at Venice all week and even though I've missed them, its all been worth it as they have brought me back a fabulous gift!
As you can see it is a venetian gondolier's typical outfit, consisting of a striped top and straw hat. Gondoliers are the people who sail the historical venetian boat, a gondola. My family took a trip on a gondola and thought it was a bit rocky, but fun, and that their gondolier was wearing the exact same outfit as they bought me! Such fun.

Pinned Image
A Yorkie modelling my look.

I would rate this particular look as- 5/5 for a chic summer look
                                                        3/5 for practicality as the hat sometimes slips off
                                                        4/5 for comfort as the top is soft but the hat is itchy
Update soon, ta ta for now,
mwah mwah darlings, lots of love and woofs, Doris xox
... and remember to fix up and look sharpEI